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Civil War Living History, Lee Hall Mansion and Endview Plantation

April 13-14, 2019 - Saturday: 10-5 pm; Sunday: 11-3 pm

“The Civil War Siege of Yorktown”

Civil War Living History

In the spring of 1862, over 100,000 soldiers of General George B. McClellan’s Union Army of the Potomac landed at Ft. Monroe and Newport News Point and began making their way towards Richmond. By early April, they had been stopped by General John B. Magruder’s Confederate Army of the Peninsula, while reinforcements from General Joseph Johnston’s army began arriving from northern Virginia. Both sides settled into a siege along the Warwick River and around Yorktown.

Come see this historic siege recreated at locations impacted by armies from both sides. This event will take place on Saturday 10-5 pm and Sunday 11-3 pm.

Endview Plantation:

Throughout the Civil War, refugees fled as armies moved through the countryside. These families didn’t know when or if they would be able to return home and if they did, what they would find. Local families such as the Curtis family of Endview and the Lee family of Lee Hall fled west and wouldn’t return until the war was over three years later. At Endview see living historians portraying civilians fleeing the armies as they move up the Peninsula. Endview Plantation is located at 362 Yorktown Rd. Newport News, VA 23603. For questions, call (757) 887-1862.

Lee Hall Mansion:

Serving as the Confederate Headquarters of Gen. John B. Magruder’s Confederate Army of the Peninsula, Lee Hall would’ve been the epicenter of the Confederate resistance to McClellan’s Union army with staff officers busy keeping the army running. As Gen.  Joseph Johnston’s army began to arrive from northern Virginia to reinforce Magruder’s troops, many regiments passed by Lee Hall or camped on its property before moving on to their places in the Confederate fortifications. One such unit was the 3rd South Carolina Infantry. See living historians portraying   Magruder’s staff and the 3rd SC Infantry. Lee Hall Mansion is located at 163 Yorktown Rd. Newport News, VA 23603. For questions, call (757) 888-3371.

Newport News Park:

As soldiers from both sides settled into a siege, the 15th North Carolina Infantry was sent to Dam #1 (one of 5 dams used to make the Warwick River impassable) to build more fortifications and protect the dam from a possible crossing. On April 16th, the 3rd Vermont Infantry tried to cross the river before being forced back by overwhelming Confederate reinforcements. See living historians portraying members of the 15th NC and 3rd VT infantry at the original site near the Discovery Center. Newport News Park is located at 13560 Jefferson Ave. Newport News, VA 23603. Follow Constitution Way to the Discovery Center. For questions, call (757) 886-7777. 

This event is free with regular admission. 

Participant Registration By invitation only: contact


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